Re-Recording Mixing/ Dubbing

Half-Light Audio’s facilities feature a Pro-Tools HD based mixing room, designed from the ground up to deliver the best audio possible. From short-form commercials to long-form films and TV series we have the experience and equipment to handle any project.


Voice Over Recording

Half-Light Audio has a strong heritage in voice over recording, and has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. Our facilities feature both a purpose-built voice over booth and ADR stage, featuring high end microphones such as the Neumann U87 and Sennheiser 416.

Our voice recording facilities have video playback to ensure great sync on every project, as well as communication with the control room for immediate feedback during the recording session.



Half-Light Audio can accommodate original cast members in our comfortable ADR stage, making re-recording dialogue lines a breeze. Our facilities include high-end production microphones, video playback for perfect sync and direct communication from the control desk.

Directors and producers also have the convenience of collaborating remotely thanks to the addition of Source Connect, software which creates a high quality picture and voice link-up to studios around the world.


Sound Design and Editorial

For those times when the picture alone cannot tell the full story you may require our sound design and editorial services to create immersive and captivating soundscapes. Your project will benefit from our varied sound libraries and extensive experience in creating engaging stories through sound.



Television, radio and web commercials combine many elements of sound. Half-Light Audio can offer comprehensive packages, including Voice Over recording, sound design, music libraries and mixing. Contact us to discover which tailor-made services we can offer you.


Source Connect

Half-Light Audio is proud to add Source Connect to our list of services. Directors, producers, and ADR supervisors can link into our studio facilities and remotely direct and oversee Voice Over and ADR recording sessions from every corner of the world.